Relief came the way of residents of Kwale and its neighboring communities in Delta State when the Midwestern-SunTrust JV conducted its annual medical outreach in the community between November 21 – 23, 2017.

The event kicked off with a visit of the Midwestern-SunTrust JV medical team to the palace of the traditional ruler; The Oduosa 1 of Utagba-Ogbe Kingdom. The Oduosa was elated to receive the scope of healthcare services that would be provided and most importantly that no kobo would be paid by residents to access the services.

Although the primary target population was Midwestern’s host communities; Umusadege, Umusam and Ogbeani, residents of other communities benefitted as Midwestern ensured that no-one left the venue unattended to. 

To Midwestern, social responsibility is more than a phrase; it is a customary way of living, embodied in the Company’s core value positive engagement for continuous growth and development of its stakeholders. The outreach was centered on the examination and treatment of eye problems/defects as well as general physical check-up with emphasis on hypertension and diabetes management.

Midwestern’s decision to focus on optical healthcare services is hinged on the fact that the livelihood of many residents depend on their sight and when the vision is affected, their ability to support themselves and their family is impaired. This exacerbates the previously precarious finance of the family and sometimes leads to health deterioration of the kin care-giver. 

At the event, the Midwestern-Suntrust JV provided the medical personnel, equipment, medical supplies and consumables which included 500 free optical lens and frames. Around two-third of patients attended to had high blood pressure (precursor to Hypertension) with a few of them severe on presentation and without prior symptoms. Thus, patients were not aware that they were suffering from high blood pressure; consequently, being at risk of having a major medical event over the next few months to years e.g. major stroke, heart attack or heart failure, without the screening.

The Oduosa 1, speaking on behalf of the communities, expressed the people’s appreciation to the Company and added that Midwestern has been a blessing to the community.  He further urged that the event be sustained as it has positively impacted on the lives of residents of the communities.

The Company pledged its unrelenting passion to implement programmes that have a lasting impact on lives of members of its host communities.