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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR initiatives are designed to contribute to economic development of the host communities while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as that of the society at large.

The United Nations proposed eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and at Midwestern Oil and Gas our primary focus is in three of these goals. These are:

  • Eliminate Extreme Poverty & Hunger (MDG 1)
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability (MDG 7)
  • Global Partnership for Development (MDG 8)

Our company strives to adhere to this ‘‘best practice’’ of the United Nations (MDGs), and has devised the following initiatives in line with the globally, recognized standard:

  • Universal Education
  • Community Health Care
  • Sustainable Environmental Projects
  • Sustainable Water Projects
  • Poverty Alleviation through Job Creation
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At Midwestern Oil and Gas, we know the value of education as the key driver to unlocking the creative and developmental potentials of any society. Hence we channel a percentage of our social investment into supporting this critical sector in our host communities as follows:
  • 30 post primary and 7 post secondary scholarships
  • Provision of 4000 School notebooks for the host communities
  • Construction of a block of six [6] classrooms in Umusadege community
  • Construction of a block of three [3] classrooms in Ogbeani [Lagos Ogbe]
  • Provision of classroom desks for schools in Umusadege
  • Awarded scholarships, and educational assistance to indigenes of the communities for post primary, post secondary and remedial programmes, from 2006 till date

The well-being of the people in our host community is important to us at Midwestern Oil and Gas knowing that the good health of the people would increase their productive capacity which in turn would galvanise the local economy. With this realisation we invested in the health sector as follows:

Construction of 3 units of self contained flats and 1 2 bedroom flat as Staff quarter for Ogbeani Community Health Centre

  • Construction of Modern Health Centre for Umusadege Community
  • Construction of Maternity ward in Kwale Central Hospital

The protection of the environment is a major priority, because our long-term growth and survival is dependent on ensuring that we have sustainable environmental policies. We are focused on ensuring that our operations have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Our environmental program enables us to use up-to-date, environment friendly technologies for exploration, drilling and extraction.

We have policies in place that ensure a continuous monitoring of our operations, for example, air, water, soil quality are frequently monitored. Wastes recycling are also monitored and we have measures in place to proactively respond to environmental emergencies.

Our employees are regularly trained on our environmental protection programs, thus, ensuring that we are all collectively abreast of the strategies for minimizing the harm our operations inflict on the environment.
Protecting the environment is an investment in the future development of our great nation.


Water is life, hence our commitment to providing this very vital element to our host community. We have commissioned two water projects as follows:

  • 16 manual bore holes in Umusadege Community
  • Solar powered boreholes in Umusadege Community

Significant social projects and deep involvements with the communities where we operate are vital and integral parts of the way we do business. We enthusiastically participate in the activities of our local communities, and we’re constantly fostering mutually beneficial relationships with them.

We are driven by the need to reduce poverty, empower the communities and generate employment for the youth. We strive to achieve this by recognizing and helping to meet the needs and expectations of these communities.
Our involvement takes the forms of direct social investments, which are selected in consultation with the communities and relate to those they deem are most vital and urgent.