Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation: Job Creation

Significant social projects and deep involvement with the communities where we operate are vital and integral parts of the way we do business. We enthusiastically participate in the activities of our local communities, and we’re constantly fostering mutually beneficial relationships with them.

We are driven by the need to reduce poverty, empower the communities and generate employment for the youth. We strive to achieve this by recognizing and helping to meet the needs and expectations of these communities.
Our involvement takes the forms of direct social investments, which are selected in consultation with the communities and relate to those they deem are most vital and urgent.

Skill Acquisition Programme: Job Creation

The Midwestern JV’s Skill Acquisition Programme is designed to enhance human capital development as a way of encouraging entrepreneurship, improved social skills, improved behaviour, increased self-actualization, and above all the need to make beneficiaries become useful to themselves, the society at large, and boost the local economy.