Working at Midwestern Oil and Gas

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Our success as a company is a function of the quality of our human capital. Our other resources are inert, it's our people who animate and transform these resources. Our employees are our most vital asset.

We have best-practices in place for attracting, training, motivating and retaining high-performers. Our employees are involved in all vital facets of our operations, from strategy design, to day-to-day execution.

We provide a challenging, yet conducive atmosphere for exceptional people, an environment where they can explore their talents and thrive. Remuneration for staff is very competitive. Our HR policy is aimed at our people's growth and development.

We have systems and processes in place to help employees build their capacity on a continual basis. The cost of the training and development programmes is borne by us.

Working with Midwestern Oil and Gas thus affords employees the opportunity to climb the career ladder and also improve their education and skill-sets. Our work environments are free of harassments of any kind. We are results-oriented.

To apply for positions with us, all required documents should be submitted to the Head, Human Resources department. Based on our requirements, full details regarding vacancies would be posted on this section, as the need arises.